Guest Post: Notes from Sarah Lagen

Hi everyone!  I am Sarah from Notes by Sarah Lagen... my dear friend Sam is off in a far away place enjoying some sun [and doing a little work] so I'm here to share a little something!  I'm a 20-something single girl living in Chicago, I went to college & was once roomies with Miss. Samantha of The Brunette One!

Over the past few months I've been falling deeper and deeper in love with everything neon and have been searching for small fun ways to add it into my life more.  Recently I saw a striped neon t-shirt and decided that was something I could put my DIY moves on!  

1 white t-shirt (I reused one that I don't wear anymore)
Neon fabric paint
Duck Tape to create the pattern

Good luck and have fun adding neon to your life!  I'm really loving this shirt and I think I'll wear it way more then if it was a boring normal white t-shirt-- the only thing is I wish I could tie it in a little knot on the side, any tips? Advice? 


Anonymous said...

Such a cute DIY!!! Love the finished product :) xoxo

Alicia Lund said...

Awe, I love this neon striped diy... such a great idea! x

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