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A few weeks ago we held our first ever Go Blog Social conference in Kansas City. I was brought in as the Communications Director and was able to work along five other amazing women. I looked around at each of them and realized that I met every single one of these women {more or less} through my blog. And if nothing is to ever come from The Brunette One, it has at least given me some very special friendships.

I left GBS with such inspiration. I told one of my co-workers the Wednesday before I left that I would have a hard time coming back to work because I would be so inspired about what lies before me with my blog. I can't even begin to describe the feeling of getting together with 80+ like minded individuals, each with a shared passion for our blogs. Whether it be documenting food, crafts, fashion, kids, you name it - we love and live to blog about it.

I left with a renewed sense of purpose and am now left to evaluate where my blog stands today and where I want to take it in the future, and let's just say I have some big plans in the works!

Keynote speaker, Corri McFadden

Sharing the wealth: "Share your knowledge. Who cares if they know how to do it, they'll do it in a different way, you're already doing it successfully!"

Clean out that closet: "If your not using consignment, your not being smart with your closet."

Sage advice: "Never let a situation be bigger than you are."

On traveling: "There is no short road to success. You need the foundation to grow your business and brand."

Networking, Marcy Twete

That 'elevator pitch': "Gravitate to those who are like you and help bring people up with you. Walk your talk and ooze your passion. Who are you? What do you want? What are your skills to get there? What makes you unique? Practice, practice, practice."

Reality check: "You are not your job. You are not your blog. You have a life, family, friends, a person. Talk about your passion and why you started."

The Follow Up: "Handwritten thank you notes, ask for next steps, use the phone, follow on social media. Establish a follow-up calendar. Set reminders, ask for help and constantly reaching out to those in your network."

Why your friends & family don't read your blog: "There is a difference between friends & readers! Sell your blog to your friends & family and make them readers."

PS. Buy her book. I'm reading it right now. It's AMAZING.

Keynote speaker, Meg Biram 

Brand Collaborations: "Go after what you want. Initiate the conversation. Concept, design, implementation. Be flexible. Put the time in."

Finding inspiration: "If you aren't living your life & doing cool things with those you love, you won't be inspired to create original content."

Planning ahead: "Plan for Halloween now, shoot next month. Be prepared before the holiday, not during or after. Treat it like a biz."

Getting shit done: "Set goals, make deadlines, create projects. Schedule but be flexible. Original content. Share, engage, network, collaborate."

Be Your Crazy: "Be your crazy...to an extent...in public. Don't be afraid to have a style. A voice. An opinion. Don't try to be everything to everyone."

Keynote speaker, Jeanette Scott

Truth: "3 years in blogging is 10 years in cat years."

We are vain and take photos of ourselves, it's a weird business. If I had to take one thing away from the entire conference, it's this: "Creative work is a gift to the world and your contribution. Don't cheat us, give us what you got."

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