My Style: Diamond Drawstring Dress

After recent findings, I've come up with the conclusion that my favorite color is navy. Pretty much everything I've gravitated towards lately is a lovely shade of blue;  my bridesmaids will be wearing navy, this dress, and this dress. For me it's easy, it plays nicely with other colors, but is stand out on it's own. My favorite part about this tribal print dress happens to be the cut-out back! Tell me - what's your favorite color to wear?

Photos by Katelyn


Caroline said...

Gorgeous dress! I love all the different details that make it special. Navy is one of my favorite colors to wear also! I feel like it complements all skin colors and goes well with bright accessories!

~ Caroline

la petite fashionista said...

I definitely tend to buy navy over black! PS so jealous that you + katelyn can take eachother's outfit pics!

Rachel Lynne said...

Beautiful! I love this dress!

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