My Style: Crop Top + Floral Maxi Skirt

Show Me Your Mumu Crop Top & Floral Maxi Skirt {Similar Crop Top & Printed Maxi Skirt} | Zara Heels | Kate Spade Crossbody

This look. Bananas. I went into one of my favorite East Village boutiques, aimee, and walked out with this outfit. It was the first one I tried on and immediately knew this was my day two look for Go Blog Social. While the skirt is awfully long for my petite frame, I knotted it to keep from tripping. This also happens to be my first experience with a crop top and I would recommend that if you want to test out this look, that you wear something high waisted to compliment the sliver of bare skin! 

Photos by Katelyn


Danielle {Envision Pretty} said...

love the photos! this was such a cute outfit :)


Lauren Felix said...

these are perfection! i know what you mean about the petite + maxi skirt challenge, but this look is gorgeous.

love the feeling of walking into a store and buying the first outfit you try on!

Rachel Lynne said...

This is stunning! And beautiful photos, very creative :) LOVE them!

Ashley J said...

LOVE that skirt!

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