What's In My {Lo & Sons} Bag?

In the weeks leading up to WWDMAGIC, I knew I had to find a new carry-on/computer bag since mine was stolen back in September. I needed something durable, functional, and of course, stylish. That's where Lo & Sons comes in. L&S sent me the OG Bag, and let me tell you, it was love at first sight. As a chronic last minute packer, this bag made it easy packing late at night prior to catching my flight the next day. There was a pocket for everything and the addition of the adjustable strap was a life saver when my Mary Poppin's habit made the bag heavier as I stuffed it to its brim, even Lola wanted to come along to Vegas! See my bag in action!

Carry-on Essentials:

Of course, the one thing missing in these photos are my in-flight essentials, a package of Sour Patch Watermelon!  

1 comment:

Yasi said...

I just got the OMG bag to use for school and I'm in love with it. So many pockets to keep everything organized. I haven't used it for traveling yet, but it seems like the best bag to have.

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