My Style: Colorblock Jacket

When the forecast calls for rain and you have every intention of taking outfit pictures, fashion bloggers have no choice than to get creative. As you can see here, I had to shoot inside my very messy home, though you cannot see the mess in these pictures. Had I flipped the camera around to every other corner of my house you would see wedding DIY projects in mid-creation, wedding gifts that have arrived in the mail but have yet to be put away, and even a suitcase I haven't unpacked. It's all about being real here people, especially when your pup demands your attention and could care less you that you are trying to look decent in a picture. 

These days I have seen my style change more towards minimalistic and simple, I am turning into a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal. This rainy day called for outerwear that offered a bit of warmth when the forecast called for 60s and it was really only in the 40s. This leather sleeved jacket is perfect for these finicky spring days!

See how the all the co-founders of Midwest Bloggers styled their Easy Pickins piece here!


Jacy said...

Love the photo creativity, and they turned out so cute! Did you take these with a tripod?
Love your jacket too...and I've totally become a basics girl post-grad!


Samantha said...

Thank you Jacy! My fiance actually snapped them for me, it's a fine line for me to try and be in front of the camera while trying to tell him how I want the photo to look...and then Lola gets involved and this happens :)

Tori Mistick said...

Perfect rainy day outfit! I for one and all about including pups in outfit photos! These are really cute, you should shoot indoors more often : )

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